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Outstanding Norfolk Roasted Coffee Beans

Truly exceptional roasted coffee beans

At Hushwing Café we want to ensure that, where always possible, we would support small local business, like us, that have the same drive for quality and standards as we do.

Whilst Norfolk may not be a hot bed of coffee growers it certainly has an exceptional coffee roaster in Alex Sergeant at Strangers Coffee here in Norwich.

They offer a whole host of different coffees at Strangers all roasted by them in their new Norwich roastery. The coffee changes all year round depending on the current crop cycles. They showcase many coffees, which we personally try, and they are happy to advise for your own personal tastes as well. In the shop there is a choice between their house coffee and guest espresso which change on a weekly basis. Alongside the espresso bar, they run a brew bar for filter coffee, this is a great way of tasting coffees and the end results are drastically different to drinking espresso based coffee. You have the option of four different brew methods: Aeropress, Clever Coffee Dripper, Chemex or the Gino dripper depending what you fancy, all four giving different end results. The coffees they feature in the brew bar change almost weekly so they’ve always got something exciting for you to try.

They sell retail packs of coffees and brewing equipment from the shop and they are always happy to advise and demonstrate the best way to brew coffee at home just pop in and ask.

They can also grind the coffee in the shop for any brew method if you don’t have a grinder at home, but we will always advise to grind just before brewing for best results. At Hushwing Café we agree that this delivers a coffee experience like few others.

If you want to find out more then click here …. Strangers Coffee