Where it all began



I’m Lisa and Hushwing Café is about to become my dream job. Having worked at a large corporation for over 25 years they ‘kindly’ gave me the opportunity to create the business I’ve always wanted – my own coffee establishment.

As hard as I might, I couldn’t ever find either the right premises or the right location, so I began to look at the alternatives.  Having weighed up many options I began to look at the opportunities of perhaps taking my business to those that have the same desire as me for quality locally sourced refreshments and fabulous cakes and savouries when they’re out and about enjoying the best Norfolk has to offer.

And so I set out to find that vehicle which I felt best represented me and what is to become Hushwing Café.

The trouble was what to choose.  I looked at standard box vans, ex-fleet vehicles and a plethora of poorly executed conversions.  None of which were me and they certainly didn’t portray my dream for Hushwing Café!

Finally I decided I needed something retro, vintage and certainly that little bit different – well for Norfolk anyway.  Something that would make me standout from the ordinary and even turn a few heads.  The Citroen H van seemed to offer everything that I believe Hushwing Café stands for and it certainly is shaping up that way.

And so it is that the idea is finally turning in to reality.  ‘Betsy’ – as my van is now called – is currently finishing complete restoration before being professionally outfitted ready to bring an exceptional coffee ‘shop’ experience to those in most need.

We’ll be traversing the roads of Norfolk, Betsy and I, over the coming weeks delivering what I know likeminded people want from a small, independent and fiercely local purveyor.

I’m all about Norfolk and what I’m passionate about is providing locally roasted coffee, local speciality teas and locally sourced soft drinks supplemented by my own homemade cakes.

I hope you’ll love Hushwing Café as much as I do.  I know you will.

Lisa Carnell